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I first heard about Bikram Yoga in September 2011.  A very good friend had attended a few sessions and swore by its benefits as well as how challenging it was.  I attended the anniversary weekend bring a friend session and I was blown away by how challenging and difficult it was.  I left the room feeling energized and light, like I was walking on air.  It was the first time I had ever felt like that after any workout.  I was instantly hooked.

After having 3 wonderful children (and 3 not so wonderful epidurals) I was never able to bend backwards at all, even the slightest back bend would send a shooting pain to just one spot on my spine that made it excruciating (a side effect I was warned about).  Also after years of sitting behind a desk in front of a computer day in and day out I had developed mild carpel tunnel in both arms and really bad right shoulder pains.  After a few sessions of Bikram Yoga and till today I have not experienced any of these pains.  I also believe that my weekly Bikram Yoga Class has enabled me to keep running, cycling and playing hockey, all the things that I love doing and look forward to.
After 4 years of practicing almost once a week I still find every class challenging.  The saying the teachers use “clear your mind, focus on your own two eyes and use the body that you have today” are so important when you practice.  While the temperature of the room and the postures are the same in every Bikram Yoga Class, my practice is different each time I attend, based on my body and mind on that particular day.
I have attended various Bikram Yoga studios and I do enjoy going to the Mississauga studio the best.  The owners Lisa and Mike are very welcoming, friendly and warm and really all the teachers at that studio are exactly the same.  The Mississauga Studio has a lovely warm feeling to it.  I have recommended many of my friends to the studio and I have not heard a single one of them say they did not enjoy the experience.  And if you are reading this testimonial, I urge you to give it a try and see for yourself.
- Anne-Marie

here’s my story

I first heard of Bikram Yoga from my daughter who is a Bikram Yoga teacher. She often talks about the benefits of Bikram Yoga and has many times tried to take me to class. At the time I was suffering from a frozen shoulder. The limited mobility on my right shoulder had slowly interfered with my daily activities. My daughter kept asking me to just try it. But being 71 years young, I felt intimidated just thinking about it. I always thought yoga is for the young and the flexible and not for someone my age.

Then on February 2015 at the encouragement of my daughter I finally decided to take my first class. It was hot. It was hard. I felt overwhelmed trying to get into the different postures but I just tried my best. I remember the teacher telling me to take it easy and sit down if I need to, and I did. It was challenging, but I felt wonderful after class. It’s has been 8 months since that first class. I feel more energized. I am regaining my full range of motion on my right shoulder. I can move more freely and I am more flexible now than I had ever been. Impressed by my progress, my husband also started attending classes. We now take classes 3 times a week. We are both grateful for the positive changes Bikram Yoga has brought to us at this stage in our lives.

I like the welcoming atmosphere at Bikram Yoga Mississagua.  All the teachers are encouraging; they motivate me to keep trying. I like getting corrections from the teachers from getting me in the proper alignment, or deeper into the posture, or simply reminding me to breathe. Thank you to the entire team at BYM for such a great experience.

- Chi

Bikram yoga has made my life better. I didn’t expect it to.  When I walked into that hot room five years ago, I didn’t expect it to change my life in the way that it has.

Before Bikram yoga I just didn’t feel right. I had low energy, trouble sleeping, skin problems, and some extra pounds on me.  My body was begging me to do something, to make a change. I didn’t like exercising so I didn’t do it often. I tried many things like running, spinning, and other kinds of hot yoga but I struggled to find something I truly loved to do. Then I found Bikram yoga and this all changed.

I am so grateful to Lisa and Mike for opening the studio in my hometown. Through regular practice, it has made my body lean and strong and my mind focused and sharp.  I stress less. I eat healthier. I think positively. And I am more connected to my spirit. Each class gives my body a chance to stretch out the tension and to sweat. Also, most importantly to focus on myself.  Every facet of myself.

There are so many reasons why I love Bikram yoga. First reason, being all the reasons why one would maybe not want to try it – it’s hot, you sweat and it’s 90 mins of the same 26 poses each class. But these key elements are so very important. Sweating helps me cool off and let’s me know that I’m detoxing. It took me about 7 classes to get used the heat. A lot of it had to do with breathing calmly and correctly. Once I did, it was amazing how i don’t even notice the heat and I’ve embraced the sweat.

During the 90 minutes You will struggle both mentally and physically. Trust me, I’ve experience every kind of class in that hot room. But that is the beauty of this practice. Not every class is the same in the sense of how you will feel. Whether you struggle or glide right through. But the one thing you can count on each and every class, and the thing I love about this practice the most, is its the same 26 poses, in the same order. Every pose is a building block that prepares you for the next. Doing the same sequence of poses helps me keep track of my progress.  It helps me focus on making those minor adjustments that makes huge improvements to my practice and my body. Knowing the routine of each class helps me stay present.

I love that Bikram yoga is for everyone and anyone. Anyone can do it and everyone can benefit from it. I started my journey to get my body fit and even pregnancy didn’t stop me from practicing.  I’ve introduced so many friends and family members to this healing yoga including my dad who continues to practice regularly 4 years  and a hip surgery later.  Whatever one’s reason is that brought them in that hot room in the first place, it’s the lasting benefits that you feel outside the hot room that keeps you coming back again and again.

I am passionate about my Bikram yoga practice.  I get excited when I think that I get to do this for the rest of my life. It’s mine and mine only. I do it for myself. It makes me happy. It makes my life better.


- Ashleigh

What? No chanting? Uh, no. How about ohhhhmmm? No ohm. Candles? Incense? Mosquito music played on giant ‘guitars”? Sorry. Also no idolatry or levitating. Well what then? How about 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a forty degree room! For 90 minutes. Yes 90. Think of it as 50% more yoga. The benefits start when you start. You have heard and maybe read about them. And its FUN! Japanese ham sandwich? Throat choked sensation? Your smiling happy face? Come and find out. Bring an open mind and sense of humour. Bring it to Bikram Yoga Mississauga. Lisa, Mike, the instructors and staff have nailed it. See why its been voted best studio in Miss. 3 years in a row. Hmm..been practicing there for 3 years…anyone else interested in buying a coconut grove?

- Frank

I didn’t know about bikram yoga until I discovered the studio and I really liked the energy since the first class. The instructors are super nice and it’s a friendly environment. I have been practicing for around 2 years I love the intensity and how challenging it could be, I have learned a lot about my own body and that I could always push a bit more.  It has also help me to keep a positive attitude by breathing in and breathing out in any situation, I absolutely enjoy it!

- Betty

I love Bikram yoga so much that I would really like to share my experience with you.

Owners Mike and Lisa have created an environment that is very unique and welcoming, from the teacher they employ to the clientele that attend the classes.  When my daughter invited me to join a class with her I was very apprehensive, I did not thing I could handle the heat nor the poses. I was very surprised, I did find the heat overwhelming but I loved the predictable routine and the gentle yet precise poses. My mind was spinning I loved it and had to get back in there to figure out how to deal with that heat while mastering the poses. I started practising Bikram this past June and find that every class is challenging and rewarding.

I have learned how to adapt to the heat, I am still learning how to master the breathing, the focus and control it take to master the poses.  I feel stronger both physically and mentally.  Come to a class challenge yourself.

- Maryanne

I have been practicing hot yoga at different studios for 2 years prior to discovering Bikram Yoga in May 2011. I thought given my previous experience, my very first Bikram class would be a walk in the park – yeah, I was so wrong.  I still remember just sitting during Standing Head to Knee and watched the more advanced students attempt the pose, thinking to myself, “oh my god. NEVER going to happen.” Somehow I survived that first class, but even then, I thought Bikram yoga was just a challenging physical workout that I enjoyed so I committed to practicing regularly. Over the next few months, that’s when I started to realize that while the benefits to my physical health (improved flexibility, balance, and strength) were great, the emotional and mental benefits that I get from each class were far beyond my expectations. I used to think savasana was just a much needed physical break after the challenging standing series (and personally, time to make a mental list of what I needed to get done after class).  It’s through regular practice that I learned that it’s okay to just pause and find and enjoy that peace, to “empty your minds” as the instructors say. Life is too fast and too short and I am grateful that I am now more grounded and better able to appreciate and enjoy each moment in my life through the mental clarity and emotional balance I achieve with a regular Bikram practice.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the amazing team at Bikram Yoga Mississauga. While the heat and postures are the same each time, I am very grateful to each and every one of you for making each class a new challenge and a different experience. It’s now almost two years since that first class and because of your consistent support and encouragement, I can now do a pretty awesome standing head to knee 🙂 Thank you!

- Charmagne

What Bikram Yoga has done for me…

My journey with Bikram Yoga began when I went to see an ENT specialist regarding my nose and breathing problems.  He had told me that there was a possibility that I had to have surgery. I mentioned to him that I wanted to start yoga but felt that it was very difficult due to my breathing problems. He then asked what type of yoga I was going to do and I replied back with “I don’t know, aren’t they all the same?” He told me that he was practicing Bikram Yoga and that there was a seminar coming soon where Bikram himself would be there, and I could purchase the tickets from Lisa at Mississauga Bikram Studio. I was intrigued.  I walked into the studio where I was greeted by the most pleasant smile. Lisa, she was (and still is to this day) warm, sincere and caring. I purchased the ticket for the Bikram Seminar from her, but unfortunately not able to go, so instead of refunding the ticket price I used that for my first intro month at the studio…and the journey began.

It has been almost a year and a half now with the Mississauga Bikram family and the person that I am today is very different then before; not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. The first day at the studio I walked in and thought to myself as I looked around the hot room “Oh my God, I am the oldest one here and I don’t think I will be able to do this”. After the class

I felt amazing!! I sweated so much, something that was very hard for me to do. The “after feeling” was great that I was excited to go back for another class. I started my Bikram practice then and never looked back. I found what I was looking for.

Throughout my journey, my mother got cancer and her health declined very rapidly; I had to stop my practice to care for her. It was a fast, emotional and physically draining three months until she left us but during that time of taking care of her- the one thing that kept me sane is the calmness and stillness that I had learnt in Bikram Yoga.

After the passing of my mother I got back into the studio but this time it was a different feeling…instead of weight loss, strength, stamina – all the physical things we look for, I was there for healing, for balance, for me. All of a sudden I did not have to care for my mother, now it was time to care for me. Bikram yoga poses helped me deal with the core issues-releasing any anxiety bringing upon a feeling of peace and the ability of getting in touch with myself.  I looked forward to coming to the class and for the first time felt a deep commitment to my practice. Rain, snow or shine I made sure I was there and changed my work schedule to cater to my passion; I was the first to enter the studio and the last to leave in the morning class.

Not only was it my own practice that helped, but the family at the studio. Lisa’s encouragement was beyond explanation. She would tell me “Naseem, this is your time-don’t let anyone take that away from you”.

Those words would resonate throughout my practice and the rest of the day.  There is a positive, uplifting energy that radiates through the studio thanks to all the instructors: Lisa, Mike, Debbie C, Debbie B, Alex, Clara, Isabelle and Linda. They each have their own unique presence and energy.

There has not been one class that I didn’t learn something; whether it was postural, mental or emotional.  I have to thank you all at Mississauga Bikram for being the most wonderful
supportive team; there are not enough words of gratitude to explain how appreciative I am for you being a part of my journey.

I am ecstatic to move to the next chapter of my journey! I did not have to have the surgery and my breathing problems have disappeared, I look good and feel even better – as a 56 year old, I feel that you are never too old and it is never too late! I have my confidence back, making better choices and I am happy again.

- Naseem

I still remember driving by the future location of Bikram Yoga Mississauga and seeing the sign on the front and the sign saying coming soon in the window.  I was so excited that the first Bikram studio was opening in Mississauga and so close to where I lived.  I’ve been taking Bikram Yoga on and off for over 13 years of my life and I have to say the Bikram Yoga studio in Mississauga is my favorite studio.  Lisa and the other teachers are wonderful, always smiling and always positive.  The studio and the practice pushes you beyond your limits and takes you to a whole new level that I only feel when I’m practicing Bikram.  The studio is spacious and clean.  My experiences and growth in my yoga practice has definitely been enhanced by Bikram Yoga Mississauga.

- Giselle