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here’s my story

I first heard of Bikram Yoga from my daughter who is a Bikram Yoga teacher. She often talks about the benefits of Bikram Yoga and has many times tried to take me to class. At the time I was suffering from a frozen shoulder. The limited mobility on my right shoulder had slowly interfered with my daily activities. My daughter kept asking me to just try it. But being 71 years young, I felt intimidated just thinking about it. I always thought yoga is for the young and the flexible and not for someone my age.

Then on February 2015 at the encouragement of my daughter I finally decided to take my first class. It was hot. It was hard. I felt overwhelmed trying to get into the different postures but I just tried my best. I remember the teacher telling me to take it easy and sit down if I need to, and I did. It was challenging, but I felt wonderful after class. It’s has been 8 months since that first class. I feel more energized. I am regaining my full range of motion on my right shoulder. I can move more freely and I am more flexible now than I had ever been. Impressed by my progress, my husband also started attending classes. We now take classes 3 times a week. We are both grateful for the positive changes Bikram Yoga has brought to us at this stage in our lives.

I like the welcoming atmosphere at Bikram Yoga Mississagua.  All the teachers are encouraging; they motivate me to keep trying. I like getting corrections from the teachers from getting me in the proper alignment, or deeper into the posture, or simply reminding me to breathe. Thank you to the entire team at BYM for such a great experience.